divendres, 9 de setembre de 2016

A Forest In Silk

It was love at first sight.
Leaves in a lacy web, Forest Foliage indeed.
The pattern asks for fingering yarn but  this Tussah Silk by Dye for Yarn had been around for too long already.

The winding process took forever, and when I was done, I had this thing that ressembled a cocoon of undyed silk.
Then it was time to fetch the felt pens and start colouring charts.
I love colouring complicated charts and using tiny post-its to mark my place in them.

And then, row by row, the leaves started making its appearance.
I love my knit pro needles, by the way. They make knitting lace as easy as pie, and as enjoyable.

It was so easy that I could do it while watching japanese cartoons* in the vernacular AND drinking tea.
*knights of sidonia

That was until I reached the last two rows.
The last two rows were nightmarish.
They took forever and were a quite complicated bind-off.
The results are, however, worth the madness.
Here you can see the finished shaw before and while blocking.

And here you have it i all its ready to wear awesomeness.
Now to wait for a suitable occasion to brag about it all over town.

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